Meet the Partners

Tim Weelborg

General Partner

  • Facilitated 100+ Angel Deals.
  • Established 14 Angel Funds Across South Dakota.
  • Previously Exec. Director of the Enterprise Institute.
Tim Weelborg

Matt Paulson

General Partner

  • Invested in 75+ Angel Deals.
  • Founder of MarketBeat.
  • Chairman of Falls Angel Fund.
Matt Paulson

We have a large team of advisors who are active angel investors, founders, and subject matter experts in the region who identify dealflow and support our portfolio companies.

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Investment Criteria

Here are the types of companies we are looking to invest in:

Stage Focus

We make early-stage investments: Seed to Series A where we can lead or co-lead a round with a $500,000 to $1.5 million investment. We want to actively participate in our portfolio companies at a board level to provide expertise and connections to grow the business.

Industry Focus

We invest in technology-driven companies that don't have high regulatory hurdles. We have a special interest in most B2B Software, AgTech, and FinTech companies that can demonstrate strong scalability.

Geographic Focus

We invest close to ‘Home’. We believe that great founders can build great companies in Middle America and we want to empower those companies. Our primary focus is in North and South Dakota and contiguous states that comprise the Northern Plains Region (MN, IA, NE, MT, WY and CO).

Homegrown Capital area

Homegrown Capital will look to invest in companies that exhibit the following:

Compelling Growth Potential: 10x + Growth Potential

Proven Management Team

Clearly-Defined Milestones and Exit Path

Existing Customer Revenue

Strong Technology Component

3-5 Year Exit Strategy

G.P. Investments